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Pool Closing Time

As the weather gets colder is time to shutdown your pool. Get everything you need at Swimtown Pools to shutdown your pool properly!

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Make sure to stock up on chemicals and other pool items for next year!


Don’t be tricked into buying an expensive pool lift if you do not need one. We can advise you on the proper ADA compliant lift (with certificate) for the lowest price.

Imagine how expensive a law suit would be, imagine how much time you could waste doing research and price shopping. Why not start here and get it done. We can get you the right lift and install it for you. What are you waiting for?

Take a look at our high quality lifts that are the cheapest on the market:

installing new pool liner

installing new pool liner (Photo credit: rae)

We have them. We know this because we sold a ton of them last year back when Google Shopping allowed us to list them for free. Ever click on Google Shopping results to view them? If you did, I bet you like to sort by “Prices Low to High”. That’s what I do, and that’s what most people do. Those people ended up ordering from us because WE HAVE THE CHEAPEST PRICES ON POOL LINERS.

Huge selection

If you have a pool we have a liner to fit it, and our customer service people will help you find the right one. Here’s a short list of sizes we have available.

In ground liners

  • 12 x 24
  • 14 x 28
  • 16 x 32
  • 18 x 36

These start at around only $375. Beat that other pool companies!

Oval expandable liners

Round expandable liners (20 gauge)

Of course we have round expandable liners as well. These range in size from 18 feet to 33 feet and can handle a maximum center depth of five to six feet.

Overlap liners –

We cover a variety of shapes and sizes from 12 to 33 foot pools in round or oval and can be trimmed to fit 48″, 52″ and 54″ pools.

Unibead liners –

Round or oval, we’ve got you covered with unibead liners. From 12 to 30 feet and finished depths of 46:, 48″ and 50″.


Call our customer service at 1.866.752.7665 and they can help answer your questions.

Ozonated WaterThere’s been a lot of talk in the past about ozone and how it can help improve your health and quality of life. Consequently, many companies offer products called ozone generators that are designed to produce ozone and inject it into your air or water to help clean it.  In this article, we’ll explore the the ins and outs of this topic and hear what some experts have to say on the subject. Continue reading

Sometimes when I talk to people with above ground pools, particularly newer owners, they don’t realize the amount of goodies that are available to them. Above ground pool owners, you are not second class citizens! One such item that pertains here as well is that of pool heaters. Many aowners don’t even think about pool heaters for above ground pools (buy them here) as they think it’s likely not an option.

In the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend!”

As a matter of fact, there are multiple options for heating an above ground pool to help you extend the pool season into the Fall, or perhaps get you out into your pool a bit earlier next year. Either way, let’s run down some of your options lest you think we’re just blowing smoke here!

The first item you may want to consider is the Sun Heater Solar Heating System (we have them here). This heater comes with a four foot by twenty foot heating panel that pumps heat into your pool. This can be very cost effective as well, as this won’t touch your heating bill. Nice, eh?

little solar pool heater for above ground poolsToo big of a system for your tiny above ground pool? WELLLLLLLL…why not try the half sized version of it? Yep, you can get the two by twenty version as well and you can mount these things anywhere – on your roof, on an old car in your yard, on the back of a horse statue – whatever you’d like. The important thing is that it’ll warm up your pool. Click on the image to the right to learn more about this tiny dynamo. Right now it’s available at Swimtown Pools for only $129.99. So what are you waiting for? Winter?

Summer Gear We Like

View Tinside Pool in Plymouth, UK from the roa...

View Tinside Pool in Plymouth, UK . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, it hasn’t completely warmed up across the country just yet, but aside from just pool supplies, we get the feeling there are a lot of other goodies we can get you guys set up with depending on who you are, where you’re from and what sort of stuff you like. For example! (We’re starting with pools because that’s what we know, so leave us alone!) Okay, for your pool and/or back yard:

  1. Item number one, a salt water pool system (available here). Seriously, it’s a bit of an expense up front but in the long haul it saves you a ton of money on additional chemicals and a lot of work. Highly recommended.
  2. ProSeries Pool (buy one here). Don’t want the expense of an in ground pool? Intex Pools too flimsy? ProSeries pools are sturdy, inexpensive, and still keeps you and the kids cool.
  3. How about a blisteringly fast pontoon boat? Someone on our staff saw the videos on the site of Manitou Boats and we were shocked at how fast these things go (see the videos here, this stuff is bananas!)
  4. Helicopter. Just seems like a convenient way to beat traffic. I googled “helicopter for sale” and this was the first thing that came up: If you get a two for one deal, we’ll take the freebie.

So that’s everything. Those are literally the only things you’ll need to get through the summer. If you think we missed something, you’d be wrong, but you’re welcome to let us know in a comment below! 😉

Swimtown Pools has thousands of products at wholesale prices and we’re proud to be carrying Global Lift Corp pool lifts. Each model is ADA Compliant, and if you don’t know about the new compliance laws kicking in in 2012 you can go here to learn all about it. Here’s a quick rundown of each of Global Lift’s pool lift offerings and where you can find them to buy on the Swimtown store.

Global Lift Corp Commercial Series C-350 pool lift

Global Lift Corp Proformance Series P-350 pool lift
Global Lift Corp Proformance Series P-450 pool lift

Global Lift Corp Rotational Series R450-A pool lift

If you want to see a Global Lift in action, just check out the video below.

Interested in buying a pool lift? Click the pool lifts link in the header of this page to see what we carry. Check out all of our models there, or check out our full selection of great pool supplies.

We’re full of quality and inexpensive pool products, but we felt like we were missing something. We took a good hard look around town and noticed we didn’t have a tagline! What’s a town without a tagline? Instead of digging deep into our brains for the perfect way to describe Swimtown Pools in a concise and creative way, we decided to turn to you, our loyal fans and friends. Provide a tagline for Swimtown Pools in 140 Characters or less. If we decide yours is the winning ticket, you will win a Flip UltraHD Video Camera. So put your swimming cap on and get to tag-lining.

How to Enter 

We will accept up to 2 captions per person. You may enter using one or both of the following methods (Please note that if you Tweet and Facebook us the same caption, that counts as one entry):



What We’re Looking For

Your tagline should be…

  • 140 characters or less of pure genius
  • Creative or funny, and clean (family friendly)
  • Starting with the phrase, “Swimtown Pools:” or “@Swimtown”
  • Need inspiration? Head on over to or to get a better idea of our company culture.


  • Post or Tweet your entry before Friday, August 12, 2011 at 5pm.
  • Contest winner will be announced the following week.


The author of the tagline we like best will receive the following:

  • The newest model of Flip UltraHD Video Camera – Blue, 4 GB (pictured below)


  • Entries will be judged by our team of marketing professionals at
  • We reserve the right to disqualify entries we deem inappropriate.

Fine Print

  • By entering your tagline into the contest, you give and affiliates the exclusive right to use your tagline in promotional materials, on social media channels, the website, and other outlets that relate to
  • reserves the right to disqualify any entry we deem inappropriate.
  • Entries received after August 12, 2011 at 5:00 will not be considered.
Good luck! We cannot wait to see what you come up with!


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