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You’re used to shopping for your pool supplies on our website, but now we’re giving you a new way to shop – on Ebay.

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aquabot t2 turbo

Your next pool cleaner?

The Aquabot T2 Turbo is an incredibly popular product these days, and for those of you who have decided to take the plunge into the world of automatic pool cleaners (or for those of you who are just looking for something new), we figured we’d assemble a bunch of information for you (unbiased…seriously) so you can get a better feel for the product without having to go to 4,000 different sites to separate fact from fiction. So our crack research team has pulled together the following just for you!

From the Amazon (the website, not the rainforested area of South America)

For fear of infuriating the folks at Amazon, we’ll just throw down some general observations from the reviews there:
  • 3.6 out of 5 stars (after 28 reviews)
  • Most often cited pros:
    • Does a very good job cleaning. Probably a good thing since it is, y’know, a pool cleaner.
    • Quiet.
    • Light.
    • Solid construction.
  • Most often cited cons:
    • Maintenance. Changing and cleaning the filter seemed to be problematic for some users.
    • Confusing manual.
Additional Reviews
  • This review goes in depth about the functionality of the Aquabot Turbo T2. In particular the need to alternate the cleaning pattern from clockwise to counter clockwise (something that didn’t sit well with some Amazon reviewers either). But also says the cleaner does a great job climbing the walls and again, that it does an excellent job of cleaning the pool since it filters items down to 2 microns. Once again, though, some mild complaints about cleaning the filter, though the review is for the most part very positive.
  • The reviews at In The Swim tell an even more divided love/hate story with multiple one star and five star reviews. There people complain about poor construction, parts wearing out and outdated support manuals and materials. At the same time the five star reviews trumpet the incredible cleaning power and say it’s substantially better than the very popular Kreepy Krauly.
 Video of T2 In Action

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It’s not uncommon to find an arbitrary frog or toad in your swimming pool. And it’s not a painstaking process to get it safely back to land. But imagine you came upon your pool to see a buffalo wading water or a deer mysteriously swimming laps. It sounds absurd, but it has happened. Check out our list of five strange animals found in swimming pools (all of whom were successfully rescued) for the complete tales of these and other unusual pool-goers.

1. Cow

What does it take to get a cow out of a swimming pool? One hydraulic vehicle, two fire crews and an animal rescue team for starters. In June 2010, a heifer was found struggling to swim in a neighbor’s swimming pool after escaping a nearby farm in the U.K. Daisy, as she was named by rescuers, was estimated to have been in the water for a number of hours before being found. Her rescue also took several hours, as she was hesitant to follow the lead of rescuers, swimming laps in the pool instead. She was eventually caught and sedated before being pulled out of the water by a harness. It wasn’t long after, that she was dried off and returned to her herd without any signs of suffering.

2. Deer

An indoor swimming pool in North Carolina became home to a surprise swimmer in 2009 when a deer crashed through the ceiling of an apartment complex and decided to take a swim. The unusual incident was caught on the apartment’s security camera, which showed the deer swimming laps within the lanes of the pool. Apartment managers saw the deer on camera and called maintenance, who herded the animal to the shallow end. The deer, who had been swimming for 15 minutes, walked right up the steps and ran out of the apartment complex unharmed.


3. Buffalo

When Chris Nonnemaker discovered holes in the cover of his pool and a wild, disturbing movement beneath it, he grabbed his camera, called some friends and made the bold move to reveal the mysterious ruckus in his backyard. What he found was a wet, wild and unhappy buffalo that had escaped from a local farm one week before. The animal was believed to have spent at least a night in the pool before being successfully rescued and returned to the farm owner.


4. Horses

In one of the most shocking animal-pool episodes, two horses were picked up via tornado, dragged along the countryside and dropped into a neighboring swimming pool.  Libbey and Murphy were plucked from their Fulton County Ohio pasture in 2010, surviving several crashes into the landscape before being swept into the pool. Upon rescue, one horse easily walked up the steps and out of the pool, while the other required help becoming untangled from the pool liner. Both horses survived with only minor scrapes and skid marks.

Watch the video here.

5. Prehistoric Beast

This last pool-dwelling animal wasn’t exactly found in a swimming pool, but the story is still nothing less than amazing. When Jim Leyden hired contractors to install a swimming pool at his Tennessee home, he had no idea they would find archeological treasure. While working under the pool, the construction crew came upon the jawbone fossils of a Gomphotherium, or the “Welded Beast.” This 9.8-feet tall elephant-like creature was believed to have roamed the Americas 12 to 1.6 million years ago and was later discovered to have been a food source for early humans. Its fossils are said to be the first of the Welded Beast found in the state of Tennessee.

Photo courtesy of DiscoveryNews

Summer is nearly here, and that means pool parties, beach outings and bikinis galore.  It means shades and waves and sightings of celebs in the surf—well, maybe.  In honor of this wondrous season of swimming, we’ve shed light on Hollywood’s highly pool-phobic population.  But who in this world doesn’t like a good swim? How about a Baywatch actress, a rap sensation or a fiery country music star?  Read on for our list of celebrities who can’t swim, don’t swim and won’t swim.

image courtesy of

Carmen Electra

Yes, she played a lifeguard on Baywatch, but this bombshell was only pretending to enjoy her seaside responsibilities.  In all reality, Carmen Electra is terrified of water.  She is wary of pools, lakes and oceans alike because she can’t swim.  She once confessed that even being near a body of water can provoke a panic attack.  How she ended up portraying a Baywatch babe rather than the show’s typical drowning victim is about as mysterious as how slow-motion lifeguards actually save lives.

image courtesy of

Eva Mendes

She was born in Miami, has starred in a host of popular films, loves her swimming pool and can’t swim.  What?  Yes, Eva owns a home with a beautiful swimming pool but won’t venture farther than its shallow end.  She claims she is petrified by water because she doesn’t know how to keep herself afloat.  She says about her phobia, “I can’t swim.  I don’t know how to.  I’m pathetic.  I should know how to swim.”

image courtesy of

Snoop Dogg

He has already recorded well over 200 tracks, but none say more about this Dogg’s swimming ability than his 2000 hit “I Can’t Swim.”   With lyrics like “I hate water, I never learned to swim, aah! I hate water, I can’t swim, aah!” we’ve concluded, fo’shizzle, that Snoop cannot in fact swizim.

image courtesy of

Sandra Bullock

Who hates mirrors, loves poetry and can’t swim?  Sandra Bullock!  The actress has plenty of charming quirks, but we’re disappointed to learn that Miss Bullock is terrified of water.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that she once fell into a lake and cut her head on a rock.  Or, maybe she worries all lifeguards run in slowmo and fear the ocean (cough, cough, Carmen Electra).

image courtesy of

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci suffers from an especially specific type of swimming phobia—selachophobia, or fear of sharks.  Obviously, the ocean terrifies her, but swimming pools should be no problem, right?  Wrong.  Christina is actually more horrified by swimming pools.  She fears that sharks will enter a swimming pool through the walls.  In an interview with The Insider, she stated, “I won’t swim in a pool by myself, because I think that somehow a little magic door is going to open up and let a shark out.”  Aren’t we all?

image courtesy of

Miranda Lambert

This recently-wed country star is forgoing a tropical honeymoon to spend some time at home with hubby, Blake Shelton.  It’s not too surprising, either, since Miranda is not a fan of swimming in the ocean.  She claims to enjoy looking at ocean settings but not swimming in them.

image courtesy of


This pop icon is not the only girl in the world afraid of swimming, but she might be the only celeb we know of who avoids water solely due to a fear of fish.  Rihanna avoids the company of any kind of sea creature, no matter the size.  She once experienced a panic attack after noticing a few tiny fish swimming around her feet in Barbados.  She claims to have frozen in fear before signaling SOS to a nearby swimmer, who carried her out of the minnow-infested water.

Hollywood is certainly plagued with a large sum of land-dwelling idiots, but there are actually a slew of celebrities who do enjoy the water.  Whether they swim to stay in shape, to raise money or just for fun, these famous personalities are working hard to redeem the reputation of swimming celebrities.

image courtesy of

Richard Branson

This British business magnate is set to captain a team of celebs to swim the Irish Sea, in hopes of earning a new Guinness World Record and to raise money for an important cause.  Branson and a to-be-determined team of eight celebrities will make the 56-mile swim to raise $1 million for the Marie Keating Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

image courtesy of

Venus Williams

This Olympic medalist and Grand Slam titlist is committed to staying fit, strong and healthy, and she does so by swimming.  She actually prefers it to running and any other kind of cardio exercise.  Whether she takes a dip in the ocean or swimming pool, Venus is reaping the benefits of swimming, and she’s got 43 career singles titles to prove it.

image courtesy of

Matthew McConaughey, JLo, Teri Hatcher, Mario Lopez and Will Ferrell

These are just a few of many stars who enjoy swimming and have turned to triathlons to stay in shape while raising awareness and money for a great cause.   These celebs and many more have participated in the annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  The race includes a four-mile run, 18-mile bike ride and half-mile swim.  Other participants have included James Denton, William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman, Frankie Muniz and Robin Williams.