Some people might be horrified by the thought of owning a pool and having hardwood floors. But just because you want a luxurious floor in your home it doesn’t mean you have to forego a pool completely. Sure, the chemicals from pools can be harmful to your finish, and you sure don’t want them to get repeatedly wet throughout the pool season, but there are some steps you can take to make things work. Here are some suggestions from pool owners who’ve been able to make both luxury items work.

Some things you can do to minimize the potential damage:

  • Use absorbent mats between the pool and your entryway
  • Put a sign outside the door reminding guests they need to be dry before they enter
  • In the summer have powerful fans by the door and towels to make it impossible not to use them

These can help, but you’re still living in dangerous territory with this combination. It makes the most sense to wait until kids have grown up and you’ll definitely want to make sure you don’t have a pet that will use the pool and go between the outdoors and the house. That combination simply won’t work.

Have any further suggestions for making your hardwood floor work with your pool? We’re all ears. Please share your tips in the comments section below!

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